Accommodations in a suite and in the tourist bungalows
located in a village Liptovský Trnovec nearby Trnovec bay of a dam Liptovská Mara.
The accommodation is located in a garden on a large estate of around 4500 square metres.  We have  problem-free parking.

The suite on the upper floor of the house with its own entrance
3 tourist bungalows
2 wooden summerhouses with grills and a wooden smokehouse
Accessible services nearby:
A grocery
Vanilka Sweet Shop
Pralinka Sweet Shop
150 meters
100 meters
300 meters
350 meters

The Tourist Attractions

Tatralandia Waterpark
Tatralandia Zoological Garden
Bešeňová Waterpark
The beach Lipt.Trnovec
(the outdoor swimming pool, and the boat rental)
2500 meters
2500 meters
14 km
700 meters


Kvacianska Valley
Prosiecka Valle
Oblazy a wooden water mill
Demanova caves
Stanisovska caves Lipt. Jan
Ziarska Valley
A wooden church Sv.Kriz
3 km
5 km
7 km
17 km
15 km
20 km
10 km

The Skiing Resorts

Opalisko - Zavazna Poruba

The ski tows:
Ilanovo, Ziar, Pavcina Lehota
The bobsleigh track - Pavcina Lehota
20 km
12 km

10 km