The suite on the upper floor of the house with its own entrance, 3 tourist bungalows, 2 wooden summerhouses with grills, and a wooden smokehouse are located. 

We have problem-free parking.


The Suite

It comprises its own entrance, 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 sitting room and 2 bathrooms.
Open 12 months a year
Maximum capacity - 9 prs

Bungalow A

Bungalov with its own entrance. 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.
Letná prevádzka.
Maximum capacity - 4 prs

Bungalow B,C

2 bungalows with its own entrance. In each of them is 1 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Maximum capacity - 3 prs


Wooden smokehouse

Shelter for barbecue and grilling - garden fireplace